Working Together Making Comics with Ball, Kaul, Chomichuk and Radchenka

A long backyard hangout produces an in-depth discussion of the philosophy, business, and life of making comics and collaborating on art and writing. Featuring your host, Jonathan Ball, alongside Steven Kaul, GMB Chomichuk, and Lyndon Radchenka. Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes | Stitcher | GooglePlay | SoundCloud Music by Patrick Short (aka Electric Candles), who is better known as Kindest Cuts Photography […]

The Seven Seas of Story

How do you move from an idea to a story? To have a story — a strong, well-developed story — you need to first focus on seven things. I call these the “Seven Cs of Story” but that looks bad on a piece of paper so I like the metaphor of the “Seven Seas of […]

Lovecraft and Samurai, Kickstarter and Comics with Jordan Patrick Finn

Comics writer Jordan Patrick Finn on the Kickstarter for his upcoming graphic novel Death Kanji, the influence of Lovecraft, and his love for Kurosawa’s samurai.  Jordan Patrick Finn is an indie comic writer and Lovecraft enthusiast from Ajax, Ontario. His debut graphic novel, Hellcraft, was self-published in 2018 with help from Kickstarter. Death Kanji, a samurai horror […]

Heinlein’s Rules for Writers with GMB Chomichuk

In a 1947 collection of articles titled Of Worlds Beyond: The Science of Science Fiction Writing, edited by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, the author Robert A. Heinlein laid down a series of rules for professional writers. These rules have become something a craft canon and are sometimes blindly followed, sometimes brutally debated. Here are Heinlein’s “rules” […]

Editing for Structure

A two-part podcast on what I call Structural Editing, my developing process for editing. Listen to the podcast here and read an article summarizing the process below. My friend Natalie Zina Walschots (author of the outstanding DOOM: LOVE POEMS FOR SUPERVILLAINS) asked me a while back for “my best editing tip.” I overkilled it, and […]